Why We Are Different

I meet a lot of people. They ask what I do and more often than not I say “social media strategy consulting.” When telling this to someone in the industry I assume they are either thinking “oh… where’s the food?” or “why are you different?” Both are good questions. If we are at a trade show then the food isn’t worth finding so I usually have more time to talk. I say one of two things about who Icebreaker Consulting is:

  1. We connect your mission and vision with your digital presence
  2. We digitize analog executives

Our experience is built from the business world. My concern after having worked for marketing agencies and also with C-level executives was there was a massive gap between the two. Many marketers wanted to play with the new toys and platforms (“you have to be on XYZ network!”). Other marketing groups were selling software they had developed. Their offering was (still is for many) a tool. You pay for access to it and if you pay extra they will manage it for you. You’re a C-level executive. Should you be up to date with each new social platform? Do you need to know the difference between Highlight and Banjo (yes those are names of social apps)? Have you met any marketing agencies that can talk with you about your business goals, your mission and vision? Typically, their goal is to assist with your digital presence but rarely do they take the time to connect this with your business goals. The depend on direction from you.

I have seen pitches from many marketing agencies. A huge team is gathered to show off all the work done for other clients and all the awards they have won. Most get to work as soon as they see your site and design guide. They return in 10-15 days with a presentation. We are different. We ask questions… lots of questions. We have won awards and prestige but do not spend time and money entering contests.. We do not highlight our client history simply because much of the work is customized to their business. We operate behind the scenes working with staff to boost their knowledge and capabilities.

We aren’t looking for VC investment  to develop a platform

The groups who are offering software or platforms or “managed solutions” are essentially tools. There are some very cool and useful tools on the market. We teach you how to use them after we determine if they are useful. The value of these businesses is their technology. That is easy to sell and roll into a larger  toolbox. We have no interested in developing software. We spent time developing processes and data analysis techniques that you benefit from directly. We maintain the rights to use this thinking and do not have a VC to answer to.

There are so many tools available and so many lessons, best-practices and analytics to understand. We want to help you succeed in social media. We are not a product. We are service, we are training, we are patient understanding and we offer actionable research. We help you succeed by understanding your goals and helping you create an actionable strategy.