Why SEO Is Not The Answer

Unless the question is, “What’s a three letter acronym for the process of increasing organic website traffic,” SEO is not the answer. Recently we’ve been shifting attention from SEO to other marketing strategies for new clients. Here are the items we look for in an SEO client:

  1. Do you have a unique selling proposition? That is, why should I buy from you? If you are trying to compete with Amazon, Airbnb, or eBay you will have to also compete with their marketing budgets. eBay alone buys over 20 million keywords per month. You wouldn’t open a small, local, mom & pop book store next to a Barnes & Noble would you? The same is true for the internet. Online, each store is less than an inch away from every other store.
  2. Can you serve clients in any region? If you are a local business, you will find success with adding keywords in your blog posts and partnering with other locals who can promote you.
  3. Are you willing to dive into a long-term process for building traffic? SEO is not an overnight process and it is constantly changing. Our team wants to keep you up to date with all the changes as they happen. As we build new inbound links your traffic will increase but this is a process.

Here are a few tips for businesses looking to increase their SEO that will save you a lot of hassle and time/ money with ineffective “experts”

  1. Get a responsive website. This was our advice to businesses years ago and if you still have not taken the leap, you are most likely being penalized by search engines.
  2. Clearly indicate your value add. Think about how you want to be found and what someone would search to find you. If you are a nutritionist in Los Angeles, make sure it says that on your site.
  3. Create unique and sharable content. Your blog posts and emails should work together. Send emails that highlight what’s new on your blog and ensure your blog posts link to other helpful posts you’ve written in the past. The content should be worth sharing and should be easy to share as well. We’ve written about how blogging frequency can increase leads in the past and even have a free report that highlights results from 7,000 businesses.

Remember, SEO is a single element of a cohesive marketing strategy. SEO is NOT a panacea and not a stand-alone solution. Having great product descriptions can be a huge help but don’t put the future of your business in those hands. Perhaps conversion optimization is better for you now; Perhaps you need a new social listening strategy?

Start with an audit of your site. We can quickly determine if your site is a viable candidate for SEO. If not, we will recommend next steps for growth.