Welcome to our new VP

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the newest Icebreaker Consulting team member Chaucer Canterbury. He has a rich and varied history that will be perfect for his first assignment. Today we are announcing the launch of a new service: Friendster Optimization. Friendster.com has seen slowing US traffic since 2008 but we feel it is poised to take over an industry behemoth. Here are some details from our recent press release:

Today, Icebreaker Consulting is launching “Friendster Optimisation” to its current services. This includes profile creation, gaming strategy and guild management. Individual clients will be trained in maximizing the SEO value of Friendster and in finding important contacts. Part of this is creating a profile photo that will do well in their integrated “Crush” game that asks users to rate how attractive strangers are. For businesses, Friendster Optimization means marketing through games, guilds and coin investments. “Bitcoins are great but Friendster coins are way more fun to earn and LinkedIn is years behind the virtual currency trend.”

To further raise awareness for this program, Icebreaker is launching the Join our Kindness Effort  (J.O.K.E) campaign. Their commitment is to personally wish a happy birthday to every one of their contacts. Simply register on their contact page and include your birthday. They will call you on your next birthday.

Icebreaker Consulting founder Aaron Mandelbaum summed up the campaign well at the event stating, “The J.O.K.E. campaign is about friendship and kindness. We bring this to you and you bring it to life. Your day is always easier when you are smiling.”

Friendster offers significant functionality to job seekers, corporations and business marketers. This program and our J.O.K.E. campaign will be a sure win for businesses of all sizes who want to tie into the next wave of social media strategy.