We Are Pleased To Announce Our Recent Acquisition.

We are pleased to announce that we have recently been acquired by Digipowers Inc based in San Francisco and New York City. Digipowers provides world-class marketing and cutting-edge technology solutions for an impressive list of clients including NBC, Playstation, The USA BMX Olympic team, Super Bowl 50, Hearst, and more.
We have worked together for many years feel this is a natural progression towards making the largest impact for clients and the world. Joining forces will help increase the value we deliver to our clients and offer new services to the Digipowers client list.
Digipowers CEO Julia Miller said, “DigiPowers is delighted to align with Icebreaker Consulting to enhance our strategic digital services and applications.  Our action will enable DigiPowers to increase the pace of our service to help 100,000,000 people be happier and healthier.”
Everyone at Icebreaker Consulting is excited and proud to be a part of this transition. A special thank you goes out to our clients, suppliers, mentors, and friends.
We look forward to making 2016 an amazing year for everyone!
Aaron Mandelbaum
CEO, Icebreaker Consulting
Chief Strategy Officer, Digipowers