We are never alone

Melissa Stetten is a model. On a recent trip from LA he was chatted up by Brian, the man next to her who made a number of advances including misinformation about his past. He thought he was only speaking to her but as social media teaches us, we are never alone.

Melissa began sending snippets of their conversation to her Twitter feed. Her followers helped find information about Brain and his life including… his wife. Below you can find the transcript of her tweeting. you can see how her followers helped post images and articles about the man. Click through to follow the conversation:

[imagebrowser id=2]

This is an interesting example of the notion that we are never alone. Lets extrapolate and discuss how this affects brands and corporations. Brands are like Brian at least in the sense that they are talking to Melissa (i.e. customers). Customers are researching your company or brand and they can do it quickly… and from an airplane mid-flight! Brian was completely blind to this meta-conversation as many brands are. What lessons can Brian teach us?

  1. There is always a meta-conversation happening
  2. Be honest
  3. Listen, don’t just talk

There are many tools available to help brands with social listening and Icebreaker Consulting just so happens to specialize in finding and analyzing conversations. Don’t let yourself be Brian. Two scenarios exist for him: He may never find out what happened and embarrass himself again or he will get off that plane with a flood of questions, alerts and comments. I certainly have never heard of him before this but what I know now isn’t great. You have a short window to make a good impression and you are always in public. Leave the world with a good impression of you and start by understanding what that impression is today.

Thanks to godofgallifrey for the lead.