Twitter Babies

Babies are cute. As most advertising professionals know, a baby can sell a product or service very rapidly by appealing with “cuteness.” Media personalities are setting up Twitter accounts for their children to tap into these attributes.

As Twitter has become increasingly popular, more media personalities are giving their babies profiles. These babies might have more followers and more interesting content than most adults. This continued expansion shows that Twitter is not a passing fad and its audience keeps getting younger.

Darren Rovell of ESPN has 386,866 followers while his daughter, Harper Rovell, who is 18 months, has 349 followers. People are registering Twitter handles, Gmail accounts and domain names in their kids names so nobody else does. Darren Rovell admitted that the idea came from Lance Armstrong, who has 3,937,797 followers. These powerful media personalities recognize the power of Twitter and are continuing to make it even more popular with their presence.

Twitter has Reached its Seventh Birthday

Nothing is quite as immediate as Twitter. Hear the first words, watch the first steps or see a baby toss her food with Twitter. It is estimated that there are 500 million Twitter accounts according to the UK Telegraph. As Twitter celebrates its seventh birthday, site participation continues to grow.

Twitter Growth Through 2008 via Hubspot

Who is Number One on Twitter?

As of March 2013, the man with the greatest numbers of followers worldwide was Justin Bieber with a cool 36,301,903. No need for an expensive public press release to notify his fans of his next album. He just has to tweet about it.

Twitter has expanded its original format due to the creativity of parents signing up their babies. This has created the next generation for Twitter and ensured that this Social Media trend remains popular for many years to come.

Image courtesy of Flickr user dumfstar