Top Social Influencers You’ve Never Heard Of

Early in the month, Twitter bought itself a talent agency. Niche is a NYC based company that pairs web talent on Instagram, Twitter, Vine, and Tumblr with advertisers. While you may not notice these influencers if you walked past them on the street, your kids and anyone in Gen Z (born 1997 – 2002) does. These weblebrities are making lots of money and are genuinely making an impact on many fans. Who are they and what have they done?

Jeffrey Marsh

Jeffrey describes himself as an LGBTQ and anti-bullying advocate, public performer and speaker. He is also a zen buddhist. His vines have been seen over 125MM times and he has over 222k followers. He has made a number of splashes with hashtag campaigns that have generated posts, shares, and new vines from his loyal fans. Two of note are #NoTimeToHateMyself and #DontSayThatsSoGay.

Shaun McBride

Shaun McBride Snapchat

This 27-year old skateboard pro has been sent around the world thanks to Marriott and has plugged goods for Samsung, Disney, and others. His fan base is over 350,000 followers on Vine alone many of whom are 14-year-old girls.


This unnamed  YouTuber has just under 4MM subscribers and over 5.3B views. Her videos get close to 1MM views within a week of hitting the site. While she’s not the top YouTuber in every category, she is generating a nice salary for herself (about $4.9MM in 2014).

Back to Twitter

So back to Twitter buying Niche. Seems like a good idea to buy up the company that is organizing and monetizing these people. It legitimizes Niche and Twitter ensures they have access before someone else does. Want to get your product or service in front of a few million people? Have you thought to let a nameless person unwrap the packaging? What about giving it to a pro skateboarder? Perhaps a short song and dance number in Times Square? There are many more we could name including Rhett and Link who were making commercials for local businesses back in 2009. They managed to turn that into a show on IFC as well.