Top apps for Executives

There are lots of lists out there and they are all different because new apps show up everyday. Here are some top apps for executives that we have hand picked for you.

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  1. Analytics HD- Access your Google Analytics account right from your phone. While not visually exciting, Analytics HD will give you access to all your data in real time. iTunes Link
  2. Analytiks- This is the cool looking version of Analytics HD. It was designed by a separate company and while only gives the basic info, it is gorgeous and I am sure you’ll end up using it more as a result. I had a minor hiccup setting it up (turns out it was my fault) and the customer service was amazing! iTunes Link
  3. Docs-To-Go- This is essentially a mobile version of Word, Excel and Powerpoint. It will not be a replacement for the desktop version but it is great for a quick edit or to jot notes or review information in transit or before a meeting. Very stable app with a strong history. iTunes Link Android Link
  4. Dragon Dictation- Execs ask us about this functionality all the time. “How can I talk to my computer.” Well, talk away, just don’t expect it to listen. I’m always reminded of this scene from Star Trek IV. Dragon is the top dictation software around. There is a desktop version as well which countless books were written with (including a new one on our shelf that we recommend to every COO and CEO). With Dragon, you can have your phone, tablet or computer send emails, write letters or just take random notes. No more dealing with an extra device to take voice notes. Dictate to your phone and have Dragon send them to your assistant.
  5. Dropbox- This is often people’s first foray into cloud computing. Essentially, Dropbox is a cloud based folder that you have on your computer, phone and tablet. Any file added to one are automatically added to the others. As you make changes, they are synced across your devices. It is effortless to use and perfect for sharing information and large files. No more “I left that file at work” excuses! Get started with Dropbox here.
  6. HBR Tips- I know you want to read the Harvard Business Review as soon as each issue comes out but like me, you don’t have time.  This is a simple app that shows you a tip from the extensive HBR library. It is a quick read and you do not need a subscription. Each tip includes the original source and there are links to share the tip with others via social sites.
  7. Peak Meetings- This is a fantastic app. Basically it templates your meeting agendas. You can invite members, assign them time on and agenda and take notes while in the meeting. This is a great way to stay on-task and ensure you are not wasting time. Every meeting should have an agenda and this will help speed the process.
  8. Roambi- You can file this under beautiful analytics as well. Roambi connects to your BI software and creates gorgeous dashboards, reports and graphs. You won’t be able to stop looking at them. When installed correctly, you will have actionable insights at your finger tips. In their words, “We’re putting an end to limited, lifeless business reporting that’s either tied to your laptop or a struggle to read on your mobile device.”
  9. Things- I can’t say enough good things about Things. It is an implementation of the Getting Things Done methodology which we have mentioned before. There is a desktop, tablet and phone version which can all be synced together. Essentially it is a To-do app but if you are a GTD fan as well, you will be very very happy.