The Geosocial Universe 3.0 (Infographic)

This is the 3rd edition of the Geosocial Universe Infographic produced by JESS3. The updated and redesigned infographic highlights the growth of mobile-only services, shows which services have disappeared or become obsolete and helps plot the relative size of key social players. All this with a few Star Wars and video game tidbits in the back to help boost the geek-factor. We’ll let the graphic speak (mostly) for itself but want to highlight a few key stats:

  1. 5.98 Billion mobile devices globally. Even if you don’t make mobile apps, recognize that this is the reason to review your website. Do you have a responsive design? Check your analytics, are you getting mobile traffic? How much time do they spend on your site vs other visitors? Over 30% of traffic to this site is via a mobile device.
  2. Foursquare has 30 Million members. If you have a physical presence or brick and mortar location, Foursquare is essential. It is easy to set up and when managed correctly can be a huge boot to your audience and customer engagement.
  3. Pinterest is new this year (even though it has been live for many years) because of its significant fan growth. Pinterest is a simple site and easy to use but just like Foursquare, it can be mismanaged. There are a few key best-practices that brands and businesses should understand to optimize their efforts.
  4. OpenTable may not seem huge (30 Million members) but the value for customers is huge. This app lets people make reservations at your hotel. Once there, they can check in via Foursquare as well. Frequent users can earn discounted or free dining. The platform also serves as a discovery engine which easily brings new customers to your restaurant.
  5. QZone and Sina Weibo are networks based in China. Do not stress if you have not heard of these unless you do business there. What works here with social media may not work there. The Chinese market is its own beast. Tread carefully!