The Conversation Prism

The newest version of the Conversation Prism is here! Version 4 has been updated for 2013 and it includes many new resources and sites. Here is the basics about the Conversation Prism:

“Developed in 2008 by Brian Solis, The Conversation Prism is a visual map of the social media landscape. It’s an ongoing study in digital ethnography that tracks dominant and promising social networks and organizes them by how they’re used in everyday life.”

What does this mean and why is it important to you? First off, how many of these networks were you aware of? Have you considered how these may impact your business? Are people talking about your brand or competition on these sites? Perhaps more importantly, this is a great tool for marketing managers who are looking to sell the benefits of a social campaign to their executive team. Many CEOs we’ve spoken to still believe that social media is a fad. For them, Facebook and Twitter are the only networks. This chart will help show just how deep and diverse social media really is.

You can buy the Conversation Prism as a poster or simply download it through this link.

Click here to see the full version


Remember, this is just a sample. It is a great place to start looking for your brand and your competition. How many of these are new for you?