The Best PSA Of All Time: Dumb Ways To Die

The original Dumb Ways to Die PSA was created to help reduce human-induced issues on the Melbourne metro. They wrote a simple, funny and catchy song and married it with a cute video. Within the first two weeks the video had over 24 Million views. Today, (8 months later) the video has nearly 55 Million views. The video was shared over 185 thousand times in the first few days and soon, the song’s popularity took on a life of its own. Dumb Ways To Die was a chart topper in over 20 countries on iTunes. The song was so popular that even though it was offered as an ad to radio stations, they played it for free. People wanted to hear it.

McCann Worldgroup was responsible for the campaign and although their focus was Melbourne, Dumb Ways To Die spread across the world. There were 200 cover versions of the song on YouTube. Millions of people pledged to obey station signs and to be safe. The campaign lives on through an interactive game available for phones and tablets.

The most impressive stat though is that there has been a 21% reduction in accidents and deaths since launch. That is only in Melbourne. Global stats are surely affected as well. Dumb Ways To Die has proven to be the most successful PSA of all time. Nobody plans for a video or song to “go viral,” all we can do is ensure the capabilities are in place to let it go viral. A cute song, a great video is what it takes.

Here is the full video incase you have not seen it yet: