Target Deepens Its Mobile Investment

For years, Target has been a stronghold of customer convenience, competing with supermarkets such as Walmart and department stores like Kohl’s and JCPenney. The company provides its customers with everything from the latest fashions to boxes of food by the dozen. However, the world’s new technologically savvy era has also ushered in many complaints about Target’s outdated online and mobile presence. Fortunately for Target, its newest action in hiring hundreds of new software and technological staff is making these complaints a thing of the past.

Due to this employment investment, Target has created two new apps and updated several others. Eight new products altogether are currently being either updated or launched. The two newest apps are focused on gift registries and pharmaceuticals. Target’s changes have also expanded to the complete renovation of its mobile apps, which have been streamlined to provide ultimate customer convenience and include several visual aids to assist shoppers in their experience.

Target’s most successful app, the coupon-focused Cartwheel, has helped the company rise above competitors with two-thirds of their online traffic coming from mobile devices. This number is predicted to grow to an estimated three-quarters within this upcoming year, according to’s senior vice president, Jason Goldberger.

However, although Target’s online sales have grown exponentially, the revenue still only accounts for 2 percent of the store’s overall earnings. Target is working overtime to increase this number with the introduction of iPads to replace existing registry kiosks. Additionally, Target is updating a health-focused app, making it more visually appealing to digital visitors with a new, easier-to-use atmosphere.

Thanks to its investment in hiring 600 new technology experts, with 150 of these being software-specific engineers, Target is seeing its mobile presence boom like never before. Developers are comparing the company’s online updates to the renovation of a house, applauding the launching styles of the new technology engineers. Now that Target has added so many experts to its team, the company expects its online overhaul to be completed quickly and successfully.