Kohl’s Joins the Blogosphere to Promote Fitness Products

Kohl’s has decided to join the blogging community to promote its fitness-related product line, using the #MakeYourMove hashtag to link social media and the brand website. The retail chain, consisting of over 1,160 department stores, has developed a health and fitness focus supported with a line of appropriate clothing, gear and equipment. With the blogs […]

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Social Media and the Retail Apparel Industry

When it comes to embracing online social networking, apparel brands and the fashion retail industry have been particularly keen on establishing a solid Facebook presence. For brands such as Zappos, drawing strength from Facebook Timelines is intrinsic to business success. Many other major brands have also figured out that since their customers already spend a […]

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Target Predicts Pregnancy with Big Data

Retail stores may know more about you than you think. When you shop at retail establishments these days, you may unwittingly give information to the company that can lead to it knowing more about you than your own family. Such was the case for a Minneapolis father who found out, from Target of all places, […]

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