Infographic: The Linkedin Ecosystem

LinkedIn is far more just an online resume and place to endorse people for skills you think they have. Groups, corporate pages, lead generation and sponsored posts all play a factor and are important to understand for businesses and individuals alike. We recently had two clients who both saw benefit from quick fixes with their […]

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Infographic: LinkedIn Stats and Tips

Chances are you fall into the set of 200 Million registered LinkedIn users. If you are still not sure about joining, perhaps this recent infographic will help make a case for the network. We have posted about how LinkedIn is relevant for recruiters (and again for April Fools day) but this will serve as a […]

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Infographic: LinkedIn for Recruiters

We all know that the LinkedIn has had en enormous impact on the way people search for jobs and connect with past — and potential — colleagues. Did you know, however, that it’s also changing the way recruiters search for job candidates? In 2012, 73 percent of recruiters and human-resources professionals used social media to […]

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