Social Media Presence Can Drive Up Stock Prices

It seems that barely a week passes and another reason appears for managers to promote their company’s business via social media. Popularity on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and more can affect a business’s stock prices. A recent study conducted by a Pace University post-graduate student in conjunction with Famecount indicated that the […]

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8 Years of Google’s Growth: Infographic

Did you buy Google at the IPO price of $85? You’ve seen an 882% increase in your investment. As I recall the shares were quite difficult to find that day. Google’s growth has been fascinating and meteoric. They are constantly developing new products and services. They maintain a near monopoly on search and web advertising. […]

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Searching for a $50 billion business? Google it.

In the cosmos of business dynamics, fortunes are always liable to change. Even the biggest players experience horrifying plunges into dark holes of monetary losses. However, in the same tempestuous world, there are some players who incredibly maintain continued runs of success, much to the awe of everyone. It is therefore no surprise that the world […]

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