10 Lies From Facebook Tool Providers

This list was created by Dennis Yu for AllFacebook. It is a great summary. How many of these have you been told? Have you signed a contract based on any of these claims? If you have, consider not only what you are getting, consider if you need what you are getting. You can install apps and […]

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Facebook Engagement Tips

Facebook engagement is key to most social programs. Facebook is the largest social network in the US and chances are that your current customers, potential customers and competitors are there already. Just having a profile is not enough though. There are many reasons for this; there are too many reasons to list here in fact. […]

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Valentine’s Day Stats According to Facebook

Valentine’s Day stats may not be something you ever thought to track but they exists so why not take a peek? We consistently tout the value of analytics social media offers; this is truly the ROI of social media. AllFacebook posted an infographic highlighting Valentine’s day stats on Facebook. Click the image to see a larger version. […]

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Facebook “likes” Photos

Facebook is constantly updating its algorithms, and it is easy to have your Facebook page get lost in the shuffle. You could pay to increase your page’s visibility with a Promoted Post or a Sponsored Story, but you don’t have to. Paying for posts can defeat the true sociability of social media. Visual Marketing Doesn’t […]

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