How Saying “No” To Customers Wins Us Business

“Hi, can you help us with XYZ?” “Yes, but… why?” Roughly 80% of our customers are referrals. The conversations often start like this one. People call for help with a specific program, tactic, or event to market, and many times when asked if we can help, we say no. Then, they hire us. We start by asking […]

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Is Mark Zuckerberg The New Oprah?

When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks, the social media crowd listens. Now the world will find out if they are interested in what he is reading. Zuckerberg decided to crowdsource ideas for his 2015 personal New Year’s Resolution challenge, and promptly got over 500,000 ideas. The winning suggestion led to the social media tycoon starting […]

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Are You Having Leadership Conversations?

Leadership Conversations by Alan Berson and Richard Stieglitz is the ultimate guide to thriving as a high-potential manager and climbing the ladder to become a top organizational leader. Rather than engaging in an ongoing race to be heard and/or produce results, leaders of any level must learn how to ask great questions and listen to […]

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