SXSW Day 2: Lining up to line up

Day two of SXSW Interactive. I had 12 events on my calendar. I got into one of them. The first event I headed to was called Brand Fans, the New Brand Marketers. The panelists were impressive members of Pepsi, Frito-Lay and Facebook. Full. The volunteer in front of the door said he turned away over 1,000 people. Many people tried to get in by saying they worked for one of those three brands. No luck. As I walked back into town I overheard people on their way to that session. Together we discussed alternatives.

The free shuttle bus took me across the river to another hotel. I hoped this would be a good move expecting people to stay downtown. I went to hear about the state of blogging. There were open seats in the room at the end of a session called Frenemies: Fanning the Flames of Fandom including an impressive pannel of experts who all have experience with massive fan communities. The talk was a great the questions were great and it supported many current best practices including- honesty, openness, support the fans and be appreciative. We can do an entire post about this. I approached one of the panelists after the talk and when I told him about the Icebreaker Consulting services offering, well, we will have some good meetings once I get back to NYC.

That session ended and Home on the Web: The State of Blogging in 2013 began. The room quickly filled to capacity. There were two overarching bits of sentiment that flooded Twitter during the session. 1) Matt, the founder of WordPress, is a nice and honest man that everyone want’s to be friends with. 2) Kara Swisher of All things D is funny, funny, funny and is a terrific interviewer. If you don’t know WordPress, I’ve got a surprise for you, you’re on it right now. WordPress is a publishing platform that represents 17% of all websites in the US and delivers over 11 billion page views PER MONTH. They have stayed private and are continuing to grow. Very good session.

There was some time before the next session so I walked over to the gaming convention. This was a tradeshow and live gaming event. Booths included coders, developers, publishers and products. This event was open to the public and catered to a younger and more devoted fanbase. Lots of cosplay as well.

Looking forward to tomorrow!