SXSW Day 1: First Impressions

I am two free t-shirts and two blistered ankles into SXSW. I’ve not gotten in to any events. The first event I was hoping to see was full 2 minutes after it started. The line that stretched around the block was told they had a “chance” to get into the next event in 90 minutes. I dont expect they got in. Off to the next event. “Sorry we’re full.” I began searching for events that were slated to last longer than an hour. Those tend to be free-for-all tents and ongoing sessions. I found one called “Create”. Wow! Hosted in a massive tent on the edge of town was a well curated sample of creative vendors, developers and organizations. Creative in this space often means art used for ads or web sites. The create tent was all about engineering, building and inventing. SparkFun had a booth where you could use their conductive thread to sew a simple circuit and design your own LED art. There was a booth with a group of MakerBots making small monsters. It is fun to watch them work. I also saw the Lytro camera and the musical bananas.

From there I went to the TechZulu lounge and met with our friends at RAPP. They were launching a new app that skins any tweet tagged with your hash tag. Take a look.
As the rain subsided and the parties started, the attendees ventured outward towards the locals who has smartly avoided the convention area. Parties continue deep into the night here. I’m resting up for another full day tomorrow.