Help! Strategic Hashtag Suggestion Wanted

Strategy as a word gets thrown around a lot. People are looking for it, others claim they have it. Some say they do it and most posit they need it. Talking about it is fairly meta but if you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know you’ve gotten there? In all our time consulting people and businesses (since 2002) we have come across tips, tricks, tools, resources, ideas, and nuggets of ideas to elucidate strategy, technology, and difficult concepts. Within any given conversation, one of our goals is to create a functional analogy or example that has meaning for the listener. That is at the source of the Icebreaker Contribution to the world; we speak to you about your business and your goals. We are not a tool you have to customize then train your staff in. We are not a one-size-fits-all solution, we are a solution generation team. For  most of our clients this means our first task is defining the problem.

On our way through the ever changing business and technology landscape, we have found a number of tidbits that may resonate with you in your situation. So aside from (or in addition to) bringing us in for a deeper engagement, we will begin sharing these bits, bites, and blurbs as they come up…once we have a better name for them. Here are some thoughts (yay, more meta stuff!):

  • Strategunk- The stuff that makes up strategy without being strategy itself.
  • Strategum- The stuff that holds strategy in place
  • Stratedrips- Thought blobs that ooze out of strategic thinking, planning, or implementation 
  • Strategems: The shiny and valuable morsels that are both engaging and move things forward

These all live in the realm of the Icebreaker world as Icebreaker Cubes, Ice-chips, or simply as Defrosted Thoughts. WIth your help, we can select a term (i.e. hashtag) for these nuggets. Only then can we easily share them with the world. Leave a comment with your favorite and help us decide how to move ahead.

Image courtesy of Flickr user k790i