We work with businesses of all sizes. Past clients include everything from NGOs working with annual budgets under $90k to Fortune 50 brands. Whatever size or stage your business is in, at some point you will be faced with some digital marketing issues. All the services we offer are intended to solve specific business issues including:

People think we’re X but we’re really Y. >
Heroin Cough Syrup

Heroin cough medicine. They may have some negative conversation these days.


People are talking about your brand. It may be online or offline but somewhere, people are talking about your product, your service, or how you operate. You may be surprised by what they’re saying. You may be surprised by where you find them talking. Often, people are surprised by what’s NOT being said.

Your marketing plan has all the best intentions and you work hard to get your message to your ideal audience. What happens if their perception is not what you intended?

We find all conversation about your brand, your executives or your competition online and deliver actionable reports, analysis, and recommendations. Our detailed reports break all conversation into positive, neutral, and negative sentiment then discuss the topics of each.

We repeat the process each quarter and include suggestions for next steps that can affect the results.

Here are some examples of how this helps:

  • We increased sales for an ecommerce client by remerchandising their site based on customers’ favorite products.
  • Based on our research we were able to increase positive conversation by 150% for one brand.
  • One client saw a 60% reduction in negative conversation after implementing strategies based on our research.
  • We helped a client increase site traffic, site engagement, social media traffic and more all while lowering the bounce rate. 

Click to read more about Sentiment Analysis.


We need more leads from our website. >

Here is quote overheard in a pitch meeting, “We don’t want to invest in the website because it has never brought in any leads.” There may be a pithy analogy for this phenomena or even a psychological term. In logic it would be called confusing the contrapositive with the proposition. Either way, a less analog executive may be concerned and want to correct the situation. There are a number of solutions to this problem and we can assist you with all of them… after we determine the real cause of the issue. Here are possible solutions:

  • CRO- Conversion Rate Optimization involves testing versions of your site copy and design to find the best performing version. This requires minimal code and design resources on your side. Our team has increased conversions by over 40% within the first month of testing generating an additional $1MM for a client.
  • SEO- You may be getting people to your site but are they qualified leads? Your top source of traffic may be people searching for your business name. Those people already know you; where are the people searching for your product/ service? Do they know you exist?
  • Inbound Marketing- You may have noticed that there are places on this site to download whitepapers, eBooks, case studies, contact us, etc. The goal of inbound marketing is to get people to find this content and download it all. we track their behavior over time and market to them based on past behavior. This is an extremely high converting process but has many working parts. We can guide you through the process with ease.
  • Blogging/ Email Marketing- We can help you strategize a blog launch and help you maintain it. This provides great SEO and alo is a gateway to inbound and email marketing. Once you build an email list we can help you clean the names, strategize a plan for engaging with them, and help move them along your purchase process.
Our conversion rate is low. >

Our team of professional data scientists can test your design and copy without involving your development team. By performing split test experiments we have helped add millions of dollars of revenue and increase conversions for people upwards of 40% in as little as one month. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a monthly process. There is always room to improve and increase your conversion rates.

Many factors make up your conversion rate. We take a strategic view of your business and an analytic look at your data to identify any issues and create a plan for moving forward. CRO is applicable for clients in many fields including NGOs, B2B and B2C eCommerce. We may also do a sentiment analysis on your brand or products to find what clients are saying about you.  

We can’t afford an in-house social media team. >

A dedicated social media team typically falls under the CMO then under a social media strategist. We can provide the strategist and the team. We have a content team and account managers who will complete posts and ads for you per month on any/every network available. Each month you will receive a report highlighting performance, growth, and suggestions. Your account manager will talk you through the findings and help you move forward.

The average salary for a social media strategist is $250,000 – $350,000. We felt that we could make this available to more people while leveraging industry best practices and cross-market learnings. What that means is we can provide a strategist with experience in social media and business who will work directly with your team. We will learn every element of your business and develop quarterly strategies to impact your KPIs and business goals. We then help train your staff in best practices to ensure everyone is up to date. You can leverage our experience in many industries, our business and research background, and our relationships with providers in many areas all for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

We want an ROI from our social media efforts. >

Of course you do. Why spend the money if you’re not getting something back from your investment. We view social media as more that an expense, we see it as an essential element of your business. Not being involved in social media today is more impactful than not having a website at all. Unless your customers love using the phonebook, you need some social media plan/ strategy/ goals. So yes, social media is an investment and you want a positive ROI. What is your R though?

For some they want more sales and their R is revenue measured in sales. Others want positive sentiment and their R is people saying nice things about them online. We also have clients who define their R as an increased in organic traffic or decreased bounce rate. All of these are attainable and usually start with a conversation about your business. Our goal is to digitize your vision and ensure your online presence is an accurate representation of you. That is a great baseline from which we can build.

We have generated millions of dollars in revenue for clients, we have increased audience sizes for clients, we have increased web traffic for clients. We can do this for you in a strategic, lasting, affordable, and reliable way.