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It’s important to be selective about your use of social media platforms because they hold vast potential. As with any tools, however, it’s impossible to maximize their benefits without learning how to use them properly.

It’s not enough to simply master different social media platforms and strategies. You also have to be intelligent enough to focus your efforts on those that best suit the needs of your firm. Icebreaker consulting gives you the knowhow you’ll require to clearly define and realize your organizational goals as they relate to your use of social media.

We meet with your top executives to learn more about where they want your firm to go, and then we help you create custom game plans that ensure you reach your destination. Our 90-day strategies include milestones, KPIs, task owners and deliverables, ensuring that your organization has a roadmap that it can follow without having to switch gears too much. Along the way, we personally train your staff as well as answer their questions during and in between day-long quarterly sessions. When the 90-day mark is reached, we help you plan out the next period and teach you to use the progress indicators that you originally established to evaluate your performance and improve your methodology.

By providing you with 90-day plans and constant on-call support, we ensure that you can respond to changes rapidly. It’s critical to stay current if you wish to retain relevancy, and our periodic check-ins make it easier to update your strategies as the need arises.

Unlike in-house strategists, however, we don’t make you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in yearly salaries, nor do we function like black box devices that use some esoteric social media magic to create results. At Icebreaker Consulting, we’re far more interested in teaching you to become self-sufficient as you leverage the power of social media, and we’ve found that our unique consulting method is the best way to do so.
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