What is the Best Social Media Platform For Your Brand?

There are literally thousands of social networks with millions of users. One quote you often hear around Icebreaker folk is, “If they aren’t talking about you online today, they’ll start tomorrow.” Choosing a social network is as a  marketing platform requires thought, planning and strategy. Here is how not to choose a social media platform:

  1. Pick the ones you’ve heard of because they are all you know.
  2. Choose based on your staff skills.
  3. Choose the ones your kids use.
  4. Pick a network without business strategy, goals, and KPIs
  5. Pick a network without defining a budget.

The bad news is that there is no quick answer to the question. We can’t tell you the best platform for your brand without first understanding more about your brand. The good news is that there IS an answer to the question! The slideshow below will be helpful for you as a start. You’ll be able to eliminate a few at least. Start here and continue below:

Choosing a platform is the last step in the process. You will want to start by identifying who want to talk to, your objective, the strategy, and only then can you focus on the technology. This workflow was initially developed by  Forester Research for their book Groundswell. I’ve recommended that book so many times that I’m mentioned in the 2nd edition. 
Once you choose your platform, there are a new set of questions and considerations. You have to understand how the colloquialisms of that network as well as the technical capabilities, jargon, and impact the site can have on your overall presence. Here are a few free resources for getting started. The first is a a guide to starting out with social media. Its great for experts and beginners alike.
Social Media 101 Guide
This second one is a guide to using Pinterest for business. You will learn what makes this platform unique and exciting.
Pinterestebook sm