Social fail- Breastfeeding

This is one of those exciting moments where people can agree and disagree all at once. There has been an ongoing debate in America about the right to breastfeed in public. Whatever your take on the subject, if you run the social media for an entity who wrongfully/forcibly removed someone from your property, don’t draw attention to yourself. In fact, taking such a firm stand on the opinion is typically a bad social media tactic anyway.

Here’s what happened, A woman was breastfeeding her baby in a Delaware mall and was asked to leave by security. It seems security also called the police without knowing that in Delaware a woman can breastfeed in public. After the incident, a message was posted on the mall’s page saying “Shame on you,” to which the mall responded, “It was an eyesore.” This was brought to our attention via a page with over 279,000 subscribers:

Mall fail

So in your business, when faced with a disgruntled customer, do you fight back? Not if you want to keep a customer. There are thousands of consultants with books workshops and programs aimed to help train your staff in how to manage people and keep customers. These concepts are not spreading to social media. Many times we find that the employees in charge of social media were given the role because they “spend lots of time there themselves.” More than once we have heard from executives, “My kid is on the Facebook all day, let him run it for us.”

Human nature and customer service must align. Conversations that start this way lead to very bad things for brands. Social media management is not something businesses should stumble into. Consider that there is much more to the business of social media than just “spending lots of time there.”