Snapchat Builds Gets High-Caliber Ads

For a long time, Snapchat was seen essentially as an immature app. The founder, Evan Spiegel, was called a frat boy who was not going to be able to lead the company forward despite its surging success and value in the billions. However, that image has really changed lately, and Snapchat has been seeing increased ad business ever since.

One thing that bolstered the change was an argument that Spiegel made in an email that was accidentally leaked. The emails talked about U.S. monetary policy, Facebook’s advertising tactics and similar topics, and Spiegel came across as smart, shrewd and well educated. Not only did he speak knowledgeably about these things, but he also broke down the mistakes he felt Facebook was making and how he could do better.With this in mind, companies started coming to Snapchat in droves, looking to advertise on the app. Among them were some giants in their industries such as Amazon, Universal Pictures, Macy’s, Hollister and Samsung giving it a try. One of the latest companies to get on the bandwagon is McDonald’s, which really sets the bar for how big this can get for Snapchat.

Part of the reason for this move is that McDonald’s is in the midst of an advertising run aimed specifically at millennials. This is a huge demographic that, overall, tends not to like McDonald’s. A poll done recently showed that most millennials did not even consider the burger chain to be among their top 10 favorite places to eat. McDonald’s has created new television ads, changed the menu, changed the slogan and reached out to platforms that millennials use — like Snapchat — to get back on top.

Though this growth is good, showing that perhaps Spiegel is the man for the job after all, it will be important for Snapchat to keep going. In today’s world, interest can grow and fade quickly with tech and media companies. This surge looks like momentum right now, but Snapchat cannot afford to let it stop, or those advertisers could dry up quickly.