Social Media Strategy

Our suite of services work together to create impactful and lasting change.

Social Strategy

Icebreaker Consulting Strategy

You have a mission statement and you have a vision statement. You also have a web presence (a website, a Facebook page, a twitter feed, etc). The question is, how clearly does your web presence reflect the mission and vision of your business?

There are lots of social media tools but how do you choose the best one for your business?

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Sentiment Analysis

Icebreaker Consulting Sentiment Analysis

With the proliferation of blogs, forums, social networking, review sites, and other crowd-sourced platforms, your brand identity is in the hand of your customers. Positive and negative experiences with your brand are being discussed online. Do you know where? Do you know what the topic is?

Our process will research all conversation about your brand, your competition or your industry. You will receive an actionable report that highlights how much of the conversation is positive, negative or neutral and what topics make up each of those categories.

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Icebreaker Consulting SEO

Many people say they offer SEO services amongst their other marketing capabilities. At Icebreaker Consulting we have a dedicated team of data driven and ROI focused SEO professionals. Our head of SEO has advanced degrees in statistics and experiment design. We will thoroughly impress you with the level of detail and analysis we bring to your web presence.

You can always count on actionable reporting and patient explanation of research results. Our findings are incorporated into your marketing strategies and sentiment research.

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Icebreaker Consulting Sustainability

Social Media, Web 2.0 and digital marketing all represent the cutting edge of consumer engagement but what exactly are people engaging with? Before you release your brand on the world, let our team of seasoned experts consult with you to develop a cohesive brand identity, image and conversation. By truly understanding your product, positioning, and overall identity, you will be on solid ground to interact with the world. Traditional marketing is taught in many schools all the way up through MBA courses but having a team of dedicated professionals with years of experience will provide you with an entirely new level of service.

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