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Word of mouth has long been recognized as an essential market factor, but only recently has it been possible to actually track it in real-time. Unfortunately for many firms, the massive amounts of brand-relevant data out there requires intense dedication and massive amounts of analytic experience to decipher.

At Icebreaker Consulting, we tell you everything you need to know about the conversations you care about. Whether it’s gossip about your brand, praise for one of your specific products or the lowdown on your industry competitors, we’re experts at discovering the intimate details that make public opinions relevant to your business model.

Our analyses serve not only as indicators of what people are saying about you but also as valuable benchmarks that let you discover how your marketing campaigns are succeeding or failing to shape public perception. We create actionable reports every 90 days so that you can keep track of both what people are saying and how your actions affect their conversations. By garnering feedback from a wider range of sources than most companies can analyze alone, we provide unbiased market data so that you can test the waters more accurately.

Our efforts go above and beyond the capabilities of algorithmic analysis. Automated market conversation tracking tools fail to take nuanced speech into account, and they often provide far too much irrelevant data as a result.

By shaping information with a human touch, we ensure that it’s ultimately more useful to your decision makers. Our work puts things into context so that you understand whether feedback reflects your general business practices or merely applies to specific products and service areas. Working with Icebreaker Consulting’s Sentiment Analysis team teaches you to shape the business methodologies that improve your profitability in response to public opinion.

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