Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Is Great But No iPhone Killer

 recently posted an opinion piece about the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

“Please stop asking me if the Samsung Galaxy S4 is better than the iPhone 5, and stop calling every new smart phone a potential iPhone killer. Any new phone could be a killer if you consider a thousand small cuts a prelude to death.

Based on specs, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the better phone; it now has more power and cutting edge features. Things like face/eye tracking and gesture-based controls are features iPhone 5 users can only dream of – for now.

The resolution of the 7.9mm Galaxy S4 is higher than the iPhone 5, and there’s more screen real-estate on the 5-inch Galaxy 4 than the 4-inch iPhone 5. The Gorilla Glass 3 – the first device to sport the new technology – is ostensibly stronger than what iPhone 5 has (though only a drop test can tell us for sure).” Read the full article at Mashable!.

We have been asked which phone to recommend on a number of occasions. For many executives, screen size is a major factor simply for readability. In our experience, the iPhone has been the easiest for executives to pick up and use out of the box. What has been your experience?