Qualcomm Bus Stop Experience

Qualcomm is synonymous with mobile. To highlight this, they have created a viral video which focusses on the Qualcomm bus stop experience. The bus stop ads were replaced with URLs and copy asking if people were bored or wanted to see something different. Visitors who visited the website saw one of three various and exciting surprises. All this fell under the tag line “We make life better with mobile” At the time of writing, the video has over 3.1MM views. Here is their description of the video:

We wanted to make everyday life better with mobile, so we brought in a few surprises to a bus stop. We put up a poster featuring a URL. We waited for people to visit the mobile site. When they pressed the button, the fun began. Watch to see what happens when we created the best bus stop ever.

This isn’t the company’s first foray into viral video. One April Fools day they announced their plan expand wireless coverage. At first, it seems like a typical corporate PR video. At least for the first 30 seconds. The rest is just funny.

Qualcomm builds chipsets that power a bulk of the smartphones on the market. You may remember them from that meteoric stock price rise that created many instant millionaires. In 1999 their stock price rose over 2,600%. Other than that, they operate in the background of your daily life. They helped invent the CDMA standard which your 1990’s cell phone used to transmit.

(Via Digital Buzz Blog)