Proof That Chevy Understands Social #TechnologyAndStuff

This Vine is just a sample of the awkwardness that was Rikk Wilde at the MVP ceremony. Rikk is a representative of Chevy who was given the task of highlighting the new truck the company was giving away. Within seconds, #ChevyGuy and #TechnologyAndStuff became trending topics across the world. To further complicate matters, the truck they gave away is currently being recalled due to an issue with the airbags.

For many brands this would be a nightmare. There are three ways to go: 1) ignore it and hope the world forgets 2) apologize and hope the world forgets 3) laugh with the world and embrace the humanity. Chevy decided for door number 3 and the results have been great.

Chevy was listening and was able to react quickly. They embraced the trend and used it multiple times. #TechnologyAndStuff can be found on their newspaper ads, their homepage and of course social media.

In the morning GM released a statement:

“A lifelong Kansas City Royal fan, Rikk was still a little emotional over the outcome of a tremendous seven game series. We believe baseball fans in Kansas City and elsewhere can relate with Rikk’s authentic emotions.”

It may be too soon to tell if they sold more trucks as a result. What is clear though is that Chevy stepped up to the plate and covered their bases at the same time (too much baseball?). They diffused the situation by joining the conversation. 

The lesson here is that the internet is always on and always ready. The internet is like a shark that will smell a drop of blood miles away. Chevy was quick to react and took the human approach. They were nimble and in touch with the prevailing sense of humor that may have been far from the attitude they entered the World Series with. 

Think about your team. How would your social media team react to this situation?