Piracy Via Twitter: Periscope, Pacquiao, and Phones

A-list celebs paid up to $300,000 to be closest to the blood and spit. Pay-Per-View viewers paid close to $100 to watch from their couches. Others opted instead to watch for free vialive-streaming apps Periscope and Meerkat.

Quick History:

Meerkat launched to much fanfare just before Twitter launched Periscope. Both offer similar services allowing people to stream their cellphone camera to followers. Data usages jumped significantly and a new channel was created.

Who Gets To Throw Stones?

HBO had used Periscope earlier in the evening to broadcast scenes from the locker room:

Do they still have the right to complain that people are streaming their content? Legally yes… so they did. Twitter received 66 copyright violation reports and removed 30 streams within minutes. According to Twitter the remaining streams (that received complaints mind you) were down before they could be removed. One stream had over 10,000 simultaneous viewers according to AdAge.

What’s Next?

Game of Thrones and UFC fights have also been susceptible to live stream cameras. Who will police exclusive licensed content and who will police your board room, R&D department, job interviews, and customer service center. Certainly this is one more reason to be honest and to keep your team happy. Certainly broadcasting is changing (again) and the successful groups will adapt. You will have to assess the value of exposure to your content against how/ when it gets released.

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