Not Just Videos, YouTube can Handle Photos

The Digital Inspiration Blog posted a great article about making a YouTube Slideshow. While this is interesting for the masses, brands and businesses should consider this as one more argument against YouTube being difficult to tackle. Filming and editing are still expensive. Motion graphics are even more money. This easy alternative is a great addition to your potential reach:

How do you share a picture slideshow on YouTube?

Previously, you would use a tool like Windows Movie Maker or Picasa to stitch the image files into a video for uploading to YouTube. That addition step is however not required as you can create a video slideshow from pictures directly inside YouTube. Here’s how:

You need not to convert your picture slideshows into a video for uploading to YouTube. Just drag the pictures into YouTube and it will transform them into a nice video with Pan and Zoom effects.


Create a Photo Slideshow in YouTube

While you are on the YouTube website, click the Upload button and then choose “Create” under “Photo Slideshow.” Here, switch to the Upload Photos section and drag-drop all the pictures that you would like to be included in your slideshow.

Once the photos are in timeline editor (see screenshot), you can drag them around to rearrange their position in the video. On the next screen, you have an option to change the default duration of individual slides and also the transition effect between pictures.

You can add background music to your slideshow though YouTube does not offer an option to upload your own audio files for the slideshow.

You can set the privacy to Unlisted if you would not like the video to appear in YouTube search. Also, YouTube might include ads in your video if you have attached a background track to your slideshow and the revenue in that case is shared with the music creator.

Digital Inspiration @labnolThis story, Not Just Videos, Upload your Photos to YouTube, was originally published at Digital Inspiration on 13/03/2013 under YouTube, Internet.