NFL Signs Partnership With Twitter

NFL and Twitter have entered into a partnership to offer real-time, sponsored updates during games. The partnership takes advantage of Amplify, the social media site’s program that embeds video directly into a Twitter feed. What does this mean to the average football fan? More highlights, more content and easy access to instant replays. The new relationship between Twitter and NFL also means that both entities are likely to see a massive surge in ad-based revenue.

Verizon will sponsor much of the media, which includes embedded ads along with the video. The company is making a name as the unofficial mobile carrier of the NFL. It has already secured the rights to advertise on Twitter during the Super Bowl. Verizon has also developed an app that allows its users to watch NFL games through their phones. The deal between Verizon and NFL cost the company $1 billion to be paid over the course of the next four years.

The content on Twitter Amplify will largely be comprised of exclusive programming that is inaccessible to anyone not following the social media site. Some items on the horizon include sports news, highlight reels and even fantasy football advice. The significance of this content will not be lost on those fans who have neither DirecTV nor Verizon. Those fans currently do not have access to games and video without paying significant fees. With Amplify, anyone with a Twitter handle can watch instant video of their favorite team.

In recent months, Amplify has proven itself to be beneficial to Twitter and its partners. Currently, followers can see view content from ESPN, the Weather Channel, CBS, Major League Baseball, and the NBA, to name a few.