Information Overload Tips from Bob O’Hare

Bob O’Hare saw the email and information overload problems firsthand as a change agent and executive coach. His quest is for people and companies to re-think email communications, change email management behavior, get the benefits from email, unload the overload and save precious time. His book, Unload Email Overload, is full of great ideas for doing just that.

Bob says “Hard working men and women, trying to keep their work/life balanced, waste too much time on unnecessary email.  They work longer hours to catch up and do email at the dinner table.” He adds “Businesses have employees wasting productive hours chasing too much email and information. Their 24/7, always-on working culture is counter-productive. Work/Life is out of whack and companies lose relaxed, creative thinking time for innovation. The cost to big companies is in the $millions.”

Here are Six Bad Corporate Habits for Executives to Re-think

1. Fostering a 24/7 business culture: It adds employee stress, reduces innovation and messes up work/life balance.

2. Multitasking: Managing email while working on priorities is just one time-stealing interruption after another.

3. Smartphones on during business meetings: This is very distracting, grabs full attention & causes errors.

4. Responding to email as it arrives: this ToDo approach steals 40% of employee’s priority focus.

5. Smartphones on when employee is behind the wheel: deadly.

6. Email Overload: wastes millions of corporate dollars annually.

Bob’s book, Unload Email Overload, helps you re-think personal and business email management. Recover hours of your precious time, stop doing email at the dinner table and leave your Smartphone out of the bedroom. You can find the book at Bob’s website, Amazon or Barnes & Noble