Infographic: LinkedIn Stats and Tips

Chances are you fall into the set of 200 Million registered LinkedIn users. If you are still not sure about joining, perhaps this recent infographic will help make a case for the network. We have posted about how LinkedIn is relevant for recruiters (and again for April Fools day) but this will serve as a great overview for their key stats. You may read this and say, “Yup, don’t need it.” Well that is why I am here to fill in the gaps.

Sure there are people there but so what?

2013 LinkedIn statsThose people are customers. If not your customers, they belong to your competition. By engaging in conversations through a corporate page or a group you can better understand their desires. Those people may also be your next star employee! 76.9% of people use LinkedIn to research people and companies. So yes it works well as a recruiting method however, you may find new vendors as well. You can research companies by seeing who your contacts follow and recommend. A complete corporate page will have a list of all services, employees and followers.

I already stay in touch with my contacts

Sure you do and I know you are busy so you don’t have time for new connections right? Once you have a complete profile, LinkedIn will better recommend people for you to connect with. I have personally sat with clients and helped them develop their profile. Nothing beats the look on their face or sound in their voice when they find someone they played football with in college or that lost mentor from an early internship. LinkIn wants you to make relevant connections. You don’t need friends and while it is a social network, this is business.

How do I start?

  • Complete your profile. Answer the questions the site asks about your history and make sure you include every position and school you attended.
  • Connect your email account. LinkedIn can suggest friends based on your address book. This is the quickest way to make connections.
  • Keep it real. Do not accept a friend request unless you can vouch for them. You will be asked for introductions or recommendations
  • Authentically endorse people. LInkedIn may suggest skills for people which you can endorse. This is your word. Do not say someone is good at a skill if it is not true.

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