Infographic: Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Multi-channel marketing is less of an option and more of a standard. One important thing to note is that many marketers are utilizing more than one channel without making an effort to devise an optimized plan which leverages interaction. For more details, we reached out to our friend Monique de Maio at onDemand CMO.

At onDemand CMO, we speak with our clients about integration, multi-channel/multi-touch quite a lot. Today, both  consumers and business executives are mobile, on the go and accessible in different channels during their buyer’s journey.

An example might be that a B2B customer starts their journey online on your website, signs up for your newsletter and downloads a white paper, reads the white paper on their tablet, From there, goes back on line for your webinar, agrees to a meeting on their smartphones and then buys from your channel partner in person. Completely plausible.

Where someone starts in their awareness of your brand, product or service may not necessarily be in that same place during consideration, validation and ultimately purchase.  The secret is to have the right message, to the right prospect, at the right time—in the right channels—all working together.

This infographic points to some details, stats and tips that will be useful. Click it to see the full size version and leave a comment about what what’s missing.

multi channel campaigns