Infographic: LinkedIn for Recruiters

We all know that the LinkedIn has had en enormous impact on the way people search for jobs and connect with past — and potential — colleagues. Did you know, however, that it’s also changing the way recruiters search for job candidates? In 2012, 73 percent of recruiters and human-resources professionals used social media to fill a position, and 93 percent turned specifically to LinkedIn to aid their efforts.

LinkedIn works a little differently than most social media outlets. Though some users spend a substantial amount of time endorsing their connections and writing recommendations, most people use the site for less than two hours per week. In other words, they supply their information and wait for others to engage with them. This is a huge boon for recruiters; not only do they get access to a wider range of job-seeking individuals, but they also have a built-in method of communication. That’s why 77 percent of all jobs are posted on LinkedIn and 48 percent of recruiters post jobs nowhere else.

What’s more, of LinkedIn’s 200 million users, only 20 percent are currently seeking employment. While that may seem like a disadvantage for hiring managers, it’s actually the opposite; recruiters can hand-pick the perfect candidates from a group of people they otherwise wouldn’t see — and potentially offer those candidates a job they simply can’t refuse.

Of course, there are a number of more subtle ways in which LinkedIn has revolutionized the recruiting world. For instance, the site fosters an increased sense of honesty; it’s substantially more difficult for a job-seeker to fabricate past experience when everyone he or she has ever known can easily view the profile. Plus, with users located in more than 200 countries, LinkedIn lets recruiters broaden their searches well past the United States’ borders.

With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why the lion’s share of social recruiting happens solely on LinkedIn. It’s a revolution for recruiters, job-seekers and the working world in general.

Linkedin for recruiters