Infographic- Digital Detox

Summer is here and it if you don’t have a vacation planned yet, hop to it! Vacation spots are booking up and I’m sure you are overdue for a break. While its nice being out of the office, make sure you are taking a digital detox as well. Expedia has created this great infographic including some of our Email Overload stats and is encouraging you to take a break on vacation. Growing up, my father had a high workload and eventually became an executive and then CEO before retiring. Our vacations were mostly him doing work in other places. I have committed not to do that for my kids. The tips and rules that apply to me are very different now that I have a smart phone and am constantly accessing Google Analytics, Hootsuite and my RSS feeds. Take a peek at the great info they have gathered here. You’ll find many reasons for a digital detox including:

  • 6,000,000,000 minutes are spent on Facebook Each day!
  • Average mobile phone users check their phone every 6.5 minutes
  • 175MM tweets were sent in 2012

digital detox


Take some personal or family time and give your self that digital detox. I promise it won’t be easy but you will love it. Have some other great tips for analog vacations? Leave them in the comments.

Featured image courtesy of Flickr user CEA