Infographic: Copyright Infringement Myths

Is your content safe online? Are you using found images correctly? Legal 123 created a great infographic to address 5 common copyright infringement myths. Here they are plus some tips on where to find great images you can use:

Copyright Infringement Online

Myth 1: Once a ‘work’ is posted online it loses copyright protection.

Myth 2: I can copy a ‘work’ online provided I give the owner credit or a link back.

Myth 3: If I alter the ‘work’ or only use part of it, I am not breaching copyright.

Myth 4: If there is no copyright symbol or notice the ‘work’ can be freely used.

Myth 5: I can use another person’s ‘work’ as long as I don’t profit financially from it.

The facts are written into the infographic. Just reading the myths may make you nervous especially when you think about how many images you need and use. So where do you go to find images you can use? Most images we use for our blog are found through the Creative Commons. They are a “nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools.”

Another great tool we use is Imgembed. This is a newer site that allows content creators to host their images for others to use. Creators can set a fee or offer images for free. Both sites are easy to use and will keep you protected from copyright infringement issues.

Have another resource we didn’t mention? Post in the comments and we will continue the conversation,