Infographic: Are Teens Leaving Facebook?

New research supports claims that teens are leaving Facebook. Why are they leaving and where are they going? They may be leaving because of you. Especially if you are a parent of a teen or if your brand has a game or app. The number of teens with smartphones has increased 61% since 2011. This greatly impacts their number one goal for using Facebook; staying in touch with friends. Many are moving to Tumblr, a blog platform that recently became one of the top 10 visited sites in the US with over 61 million monthly unique visitors.

This is important information if you are targeting teens. You can check these findings against your analytics and be sure to include this info in your planning for the coming years. Here are some questions brands should ask themselves based on this data:

  1. On Tumblr yet? Can’t hurt!
  2. Do you have a mobile app or mobile formatted website?
  3. Are your Facebook fans engaged? What content do they like? How else can you get that to them?
  4. Are you advertising on Facebook? Is it effective with teens?
  5. Is your audience growing up? How do you stay relevant to them?

teens leaving facebook

This infographic was posted by All Facebook and created by Right Mix Marketing.