Icebreaker Consulting Manifesto

15 days into the year. How are your resolutions going? We aren’t too big on resolutions but we realized that we have never shared who we are and what we are committed to. This is what fuels us each day of the year:

We exist to educate, solve problems, train, and inspire.

We love what we do and love supporting you.

We help you work smarter, not harder. 

We digitize your vision. 

We provide (and love seeing) that “ah-ha” moment.

We are fueled by generating and witnessing your breakthroughs.

We’re not concerned with growing Icebreaker Consulting for the sake of growth.
  •      • We grow in order to help more people. 
  •      • We grow so we can offer discounts to small, local, and NGO businesses who can’t afford us.
Our commitment to clients and the world maintains that we:
  • • Do nothing unethical.
  • • Do no harm.
  • • Won’t sell you what you don’t need.
  • • Deliver imagination.
  • • Provide divergent thinking above all.
In the last year, our clients have said:
  • • I wish I hired you a year ago.
  • • We can’t do this without you.
  • • We see you as part of our company.
  • • I like knowing you are there to help us.

This may sound familiar if you are a current client. If you aren’t contact us today to learn more. If you know someone who would be a good client please also let us know.

We limit the number of new clients we take per year to maintain excellent service. This year we are accepting 10 new clients and are eager to meet you.

Featured image courtesy of Flickr user altemark.