How to Win Holiday 2013

Once a wary proposition, online shopping has become the darling of many consumers with its easy point-and-click mechanism. While in-store shopping has fallen over the past few years, online retailing has increased, especially during the holiday shopping season when time is at a premium.

The 2012 season was the most successful online retailing season on record, with $42.3 billion in revenue generated in November and December. With a late Thanksgiving however, holiday 2013 will be 19 percent shorter. The period between Black Friday and Christmas Eve will only last 26 days. To make up for this shortfall, online retailers must find creative ways to increase their sales during the abbreviated 2013 holiday shopping season.

One of the ways that retailers, many of whom also have an in-store presence, can increase sales in 2013 is to offer periodic sales that go beyond minimal savings and offer huge discounts on a wide variety of items. Those who shop online routinely know that such sales are the norm. While Black Friday sales may still signify the official kickoff of the holiday shopping season, savvy shoppers know that bargains are bound to be found days and weeks before the official season begins.

What does this mean for online retailers? Brands will have to come up with attractive marketing strategies in 2013 in order to match the 13.7 percent year-over-year increase that occurred in 2012. Another fact that retailers will have to watch out for is to not let online languish in December. Many of the online promotions for this past holiday season occurred early in the 2012 fall retailing season, leaving December sales to languish. It will be up to the executives of online corporations to come up with viable strategies during the next few months to continue the increase in online holiday sales.

What are you plans? Some brands are skipping Black Friday all together because of the short schedule. Leave a comment below; we’d love to hear what you think. We will continue to cover holiday 2013 as the year progresses.

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