How A Facebook Complaint Boosted Sales

Liberty Bottleworks received a harsh complaint from a customer on their Facebook page. They responded with an eloquent and inspired post that went viral. Here’s the original conversation:

Facebook complaints boost salesSo just as this hit, a former employee of Liberty posted a screenshot on Reddit and they were instantly flooded with support from across the world. Days later, Liberty posted the following:

“Wow people, thank you again for the support – we are so thankful… We want to reiterate to you all, the call volume, and visitation to our website are massive right now—more than we’ve ever seen obviously.” 

While specific sales numbers have not been released, the SEO, brand awareness and customer loyalty they’ve gained are priceless.

What can we learn? Certainly we don’t want people complaining on our pages; the lesson is in the reaction. Nobody wants to end up like Amy’s Bake Shop of course. Here are the some tips for managing comments online:

1) Be honest

2) Be transparent

3) Be helpful

4) Be kind

Managing your reputation online is an essential part of any online strategy. Facebook is just the start. Be sure you are constantly monitoring blogs, forums, review sites, news, PR and more. While there are many tools available for sentiment analysis, nothing is better than a human. We have tested many algorithm based tools and have yet to find a full replacement for human analysis tied to your business objectives.