The High Tech CMO

Gone are the days when a company’s chief marketing officer huddled together with his or her staff in a high rise office to come up with the latest unique sales campaign. Often, what came out of those brainstorming sessions were educated guesses, sometimes on the mark, but often wildly off. These days, the wise and high tech CMO has a plan consisting of monitoring what the company’s target audience is following on the Internet and developing a marketing plan based on that information.

Information technology can no longer be tucked away in the backroom or kept in a vacuum. It is not the hallmark of the tech nerd, but an essential tool in the creative marketer’s arsenal. You may have already noticed this trend. As a high tech CMO, you are spending more and more time on information technology, and technology in general, to help brand your business. Creative marketing of the future, and increasingly of the present, combines marketing across all relevant channels, whether they be digital or not.

CMO of the future

The high tech CMO of the future will need to have a strong understanding of Web and social analytics, not only collecting relevant data but also attributing and leveraging that information. The CMO will need to understand what is possible with the data that has been gathered and alert other company executives when that information is not being used in the proper manner.

The rise of technological importance means CMOs will increasingly need to have an engineering or programming background. Approximately 50 percent of new marketing hires in 2013 will have a technical background. This figure doesn’t mean that CMOs should jump on the bandwagon and start developing new apps for smartphones and tablets; rather, what they should pay attention to is how all of the pieces of front-end and back-end code fit together.

Analyzing all of these pieces will become more important. Digital media buying will reach an entirely new level as will Web analytics packages. SEO content creation will become even more skilled while technological apps and behavioral-drive content will play an increasingly important role in all marketing platforms.