Reduce Costs by Greening your Business

How can your business be sustainable and profitable?  Green business starts with a review of your cost structure. There is so much overwhelming information on ‘green washing’ out there, that it’s difficult to determine what will provide a tangible return. Implementing these few simple steps can add up to significant cost savings. What can be more tangible than seeing your profits grow?

  • Use Energy Efficiently – Buy Energy Star light bulbs, appliances & office equipment  like Printers, Fax Machines, Computers, Coffee makers
  •      Buy & Use Recycled: Paper, Printing cartridges, Envelopes, Packaging for products, Coffee Filters
  •      Go Digital with all of your communications and limit the use of paper
  •      Print double sided
  •      Rent your office space in LEED certified building
  •      Paint your office walls with less toxic, fast drying paints
  •      Get creative with office decorating – DIY refurbishing of furniture from local thrift & antique shops
  •      Get rid of Styrofoam & Plastic cups, utensils, dishes.
  •      Manage the thermostat to use less heat in the winter & less air conditioning.  Unless you are in Client & Media facing roles, embrace casual work attire
  •   Buy a fuel efficient vehicle like Electric or Hybrid for business needs.

Cover photo courtesy of  Brisbane City Council