Google Analytics in Real Life

Many companies spend thousands of dollars on their websites and still lose potential customers. Google Analytics recently released a series of hilarious videos that show how many online shopping companies can lose their customers without realizing it. The videos show why it is important to understand your customer’s needs and to research your website’s statistics. This information will give you measurement tools your business needs to stay competitive with an online business.

Google Analytics offers valuable information about traffic to your website. This data, when analyzed carefully, can inform decisions and improvements that will greatly enhance your traffic. The data you receive includes visitor data that informs you where your visitor originated. It is important to note whether your visitor came from social media, referral methods or direct links. This information allows you to improve your marketing campaign.

Increasing your website traffic is the best way to increase sales. Google Analytics offers you the opportunity to learn which online marketing campaigns are best. You can place your advertising dollars in the marketing campaigns that are more successful. The videos Google released show how important it is to improve your website’s navigational structure.

Here are some quick tips:

• Create concise landing pages directing your customer to your products without confusion. This can be done by understanding your Google statistical information.

• Rewrite website copy to direct your customers where you want them.

• Use social media to generate referral traffic to your website.

• Create backlinks on popular forums found in your industry.

• Analyze your data on a regular basis to make changes as needed.

Google Analytics is a valuable tool and is essential to every marketing strategy. Lets help you build one!