Give Your Paid Search Extra Punch

Paid search provides the foundation for your holiday sales, but are you using it correctly? Are you using it at all? Follow these handy tips in order to improve click-through rates and conversations throughout Christmas and beyond:

Re-evaluate Your Top KeywordsBefore you enter the big winter push, make sure you take time to use the latest, more robust tools available to identify the more valuable keywords for your business. Paying customers won’t find you if you’re targeting window shoppers, and surprisingly, those two groups often use different search terms.

Think Mobile-ly, not Just Globally

The Internet is once again changing, and today’s online buyers aren’t just stuck behind a stationery computer screen.  40 percent of last year’s Black Friday sales were done over a smart device. Customers are shopping on the go. They’re finding what they need in the moment and making fast decisions on sales. Make sure you’re on the front line of mobile marketing by investing in paid mobile advertising.

Retarget Your Target Market

Digital advertising has expanded beyond the abilities of the printed page. Now, when a consumer visits their favorite sites, they can be greeted by ads displaying items they’ve already looked at online. These retargeted ads are very influential with buyers, providing high enough conversion rates to make them a must this season.

Get to Know Adword Scripts

Because of the good they can do for your campaign, you shouldn’t ignore these helpful automation tools. Adword Scripts can check your work for mistakes, keep an eye on your budget and alert you to conversion trends you would otherwise have to invest significant amounts of time and money in order to manage.

The selling season is upon us. Ready yourself and your business, and get every cent out of paid advertising by putting these tips into motion today.