From Zero To Bestseller In 9 Weeks

*** UPDATE***

The Calorie Myth is officially a NY Times Bestseller!


We began working with Jonathan Bailor at the end of October through our friends at Digipowers. His new book was released today and we are proud to have helped with the process. As of last night his new book The Calorie Myth was the number one book in the Diet & Health category on Barnes & Noble. This is the second book client we have on that list. The Calorie Myth is also number 180 overall on Amazon.  In the last nine weeks we launched and managed a multi-faceted program involving strategic planningdigital PR, social media management, online advertising, corporate partnerships, SEO, and more. I can’t say exactly how many books we pre-sold but it was significant. Here are some other successes we had:

  • Increased site traffic by nearly 60,000 visitors
  • Added 7,000+ Facebook followers
  • Increased Twitter followers by 130%Increase website traffic
  • Increased Klout score by 14 points
  • Reached over 5,000,000 eyes

Marketing books is a unique process. Typically the goal is to make the NY Times bestseller list. Unfortunately the NY Times doesn’t give its recipe out so we only have “best-practices.” Based on our experience, here is some advice for you if you are an author:

  1. Don’t buy a stack of books for friends at Amazon- Making the list requires purchases by many people in many places across the country and world. This is one of the reasons the book tour still exists.
  2. If you don’t have an audience find a strategic partner.
  3. Nurture your audience- People will quickly tire of ongoing requests for you to buy their book. Come up with a calendar of offers then segment and target your conversations
  4. Write a great book- This may sound obvious but in the end, great content is great content.
  5. Give a little- A free chapter, podcast, snippet or sample goes a long way.