FCC Passes Net Neutrality Regulation

With a 3-2 vote the FCC passed strict Net Neutrality regulations today. The two democratic members joined the chairman against the two republican appointed members. What exactly does this all mean though? Essentially, the regulation states that ISPs and governments treat all data as equal. The risk averted here is that your access to the internet would be filtered by those who give you access to it. In 2006 Comcast was limiting speeds or peer-to-peer traffic and looking to charge more for overage access.

You may remember people protesting this issue in September by changing their social profile photos to loading images. Tumblr, Vimeo, Netflix and others edited their pages and urged users to email the FCC. Here are some examples:

tumblr net neutrality



Netflix net neutrality

Vimeo net neutrality

FCC commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel said “Four million Americans wrote to this agency…Whatever our disagreements are on net neutrality, I hope we agree that this is democracy in action and something we can all support.” Jon Oliver was responsible for a huge boost in traffic to the FCC site which eventually crashed it temporarily after this report aired:

Image courtesy of Flickr user mubashir