Facebook Video Posts On The RIse

YouTube is the most popular website for videos but Facebook is rapidly catching up. New data shows a significant increase in the number of videos posted. Facebook users are posting 75 percent more videos than they were just one year ago. Facebook revealed this fact in a recent announcement highlighting the company’s worldwide reach.

In the United States, the numbers are higher than average; Americans in particular are posting 94 percent more videos than they were last year. As a result, Facebook news feeds are featuring more videos than ever before. There are 360 percent more videos on users’ news feeds than there were last year.

This huge increase means big things for Facebook. As it continues to transform into a mobile-first business, it may also become a video-first business as users continue uploading more video content. However, some people are not sure that videos will continue to be a big part of Facebook. Social gaming and other activities, which were significant parts of Facebook in the past, were pushed back after they burned out. Facebook videos might meet the same fate; only time will tell.

In September, months before Facebook’s most recent announcement, the company had announced that the amount of video views on Facebook increased by 50 percent between the months of May and July in 2014. In that same year, the time between June and September was big for Facebook as well; the company calculated a new collective average of 1 billion video views each day. Facebook also stated that over 65 percent of these video views were occurring on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, recently said that he believes videos are a big priority right now, overtaking picture posts just as picture posts once overtook text-based posts. The content on Facebook is constantly changing as users find new ways to share what’s going on in their lives.